Sugar Mill Ponds* - Poem by Jenny Noble



To Rawcliffe Bridge a warden came

Justin Hobbs is his name

A young and cheerful chap

He'll stop for a friendly chat

We look out for him if things go wrong

Around our Sugar Mill Pond

He came with a few new ideas

And help from a few of us old dears

A few old trees came tumbling down

Justin came along to clear the ground

He wasn't happy when that was done 

He chopped a few more down, to let in the sun

Big gaps around the pond, lets in the breeze

The winter winds feel cold to our old knees

He says its for the good of the pond

And looks surprised when we don't respond

So far, so good, a few jobs have got done

With help from Lottery Funds we have won



* Poem and illustrations are from the book Inspirational Poems by Jenny Noble - a local poet



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